Tuesday, April 21, 2015

God Bless Our Brothers in Christ

Deeper healing began to take place in my heart and life when I began to bless my brothers in Christ. I've seen so many women who were hurt or broken by a man become extremely bitter towards guys. This is wrong. That bitterness is poison that is developed from unforgiveness in your heart. I know the pains of the past make it so hard. You sometimes wish you could punish the man who hurt you and make him suffer. But Christ's love on the cross set the example when He said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." I chose early on and asked God to help me to not become like those bitter angry women. I still had great fear of men, but I did not hate them. As time passed, He would lay on my heart to pray for certain brothers in Christ. This is so healing! I even got to the point where I could speak a blessing to someone if I knew they needed encouragement. Every time we choose to honor and bless our brother's in Christ, we are sowing seeds of love that will produce a harvest. It is an honor to love my brothers. It's an honor to bless them. It's an honor to pray for them and to show them that there are godly women out there. I have learned to not speak negative things about men. Our words are powerful. Sometimes we say things out of habit and we just don't realize it. Out of the abundance of the heart our mouth will speak. Ask God to show you if there's any unforgiveness or bitterness towards men because of your past hurts. He will gently wash it away when you surrender it to Him and you make the effort to bless your brothers in Christ. Men have been hurt too. They have been rejected, abused, cheated on, and broken from other women. Their hearts are healing too. Be the one who says an encouraging word or prays for him. I promise you that it works. ~ A Modern Day Ruth, Jenny Williams Copyright 2015

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