Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dear married person:

If God says it's not good for man to be alone, why do people make others feel bad for not wanting to be alone?
I am utterly tired of well meaning Christians who preach at singles to just be in love with Jesus and you should just love yourself...that's baloney. Yes, Jesus should be the lover of our soul, but that doesn't take care of the need of having a sexual, earthly mate. God would have never made Eve had He not had a intentional reason for Adam to have a wife. Marriage is a good thing. It's God's plan and His way to show His mirrored relationship of Jesus as the Groom and the Church as His bride.
If you're already married...that's great!  Be blessed...
But if you see or hear of a single sister or brother in Christ who desires to be married too, don't belittle their need, feelings, or desire to have what you have. It comes off as uncaring and judgmental. Seriously. Just pray for them to be blessed with a godly mate. Single people shouldn't have to feel bad for desiring what God designed them to be and want in the first place...and it doesn't mean they are less spiritual, less of a Christian, or weak for wanting to be married. ~ A Modern Day Ruth