Tuesday, April 21, 2015

...And She Waits

She loves Jesus. He's been a faithful friend through every trial. She's known many tears: ones from her own eyes and the ones she's wiped away for others. She's learned to look for the beauty in everything, even in the most dark and lonely places. A human's heart is a treasure, so she is careful to handle each one carefully. She smiles even when she feels like crying. She sings in desolate places as prayers are lifted to the heavens. She wonders if all the toiling and burdens are all that's left on her face. Is that all others see? She wants love just like all the rest, and she prays for married couples and wishes them blessings. She's hoping and longing for her turn too. She wipes her brow and she pushes through her fears, doubts, and tears...and she waits. ~ A Modern Day Ruth

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