Monday, February 17, 2014

Simply Me

She's not perfect but she tries. She dreams bigger than her reach. She laughs at herself and her silly ways. When nobody is watching she dances in her kitchen to music and praise. She breathes sea air and squishes her toes on a sandy beaches. Singing to Poppa God in a bubble bath is her favorite thing. Sunsets make her grateful. She's true country in her blood and her faith is found with deep unrelenting roots. She feels pretty in her lace Sunday dress and wears her aqua boots. Coffee is her sane addiction. Chocolate is her pleasure along with good meaningful conversation. She fights for what she believes in...she's a pajama wearing prayer warrior. She's loyal to those she holds dear. Music is like blood flowing in her veins. She writes, sings, creates and her brain is always inspired. She loves to talk to all of God's little creatures...they are her friends. She loves satin ribbons and things that sparkle and glimmer. Her feet love pretty shoes and pedicures. She's been a beautiful mess but she is blessed. She's a proud momma and always will be. She's had broken wings, but now she soars to greater heights; and the wind of the Holy Spirit causes her to fly in heavenly places. She is...a daughter of the Great King. She's simply me. ~ Jenny Williams, Copyright 2014

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