Monday, October 28, 2013

Pamper Yourself

Being a single mom or recently divorced can be a rough time. You really need to allow yourself comfort and pampering. Don't wait for a man or someone else to do it. All women should value themselves and realize that it's healthy, not selfish, to take some time out to relieve stress. Here are a few ideas I do...Some are even free. :) 

1. Candles: I buy them just like I do milk and bread. They're a staple in my house. Light candles...fragrant ones can cozy up a room quickly. I use them daily for prayer and whenever I just need to relax. Cheap therapy :)

2. Baths: If you don't have luxury bath gels and bubbles, use several drops of vanilla extract from your bakers cupboard in the kitchen. I use cinnamon too. :) It smells yummy. Want to soften your skin? Use baking soda in your water. Make homemade scrubs for your face. Use sugar, vanilla, rock salt, honey...Your face will glow. Want a facial mask? Use part of a can of pumpkin pie filling and fragrant spices. Heavenly :) Have no bubbles? Use a little dish soap or shampoo...I have tried just about everything.

3. Turn on Norah Jones or smoky jazz or old classic love songs: Sinatra, Etta James, Louie Armstrong....Who can be in a bad mood when they are singing? 

4. Buy a new red lipstick and wear it :) Sometimes a little something just makes a girly girl feel good.

5. Go on a walk and talk to God. I do this and have the best times with the Lord.

6. Watch "It's A Wonderful Life"....My favorite Christmas Movie. You can't be depressed when watching this one.

7. Cheer someone else up...This always makes me feel happy. <3 Those who need to be encouraged are usually the best encouragers. I have found this to be so true.

8. Save gourmet chocolate and eat one piece when you need a little sweetness. You are worth it.

9. Tell your kids that you need a good hug. Let them know...A hug from a kid or elderly person is amazing.

10. Light a fire in the fireplace...I love looking at the flames. Wear fuzzy socks. :)

11. The English have it right...make a cup of tea and sip it slowly. It's so relaxing.

12. Do what you love....What's your creative outlet? I love to paint, write, sing, take photos, make homemade gifts for loved ones... Do something that expresses your feelings.

13. Bless a neighbor with homemade soup or some cut flowers. The elderly really appreciate your thoughtfulness. When you bless others, you bless yourself.

14. Paint your nails. Pink...Feminine and dainty, Hot pink is flirty..Red makes you feel passionate and sexy. Plum or burgundy is mysterious. I sometimes break down and pay for a pedicure... It's worth every penny. I love the massage and having someone make my feet cute.

15. Go for a drive. There's something about the motion of a car or plane that just puts me in a subdued and thoughtful mood. I usually day dream and get my downloads and ideas while traveling.

16. Pet and talk to animals. My kitty makes me feel good. Animals are easy to talk to and they don't judge like humans do. I love horses...Feeding them apples. They're beautiful. Go to a pet store. They make you smile.

17. Wear jammies and snuggle up with the kids. Watch a family movie together. Mine are almost grown, so they don't do this much, but I savor it when the kids are all in one room with me. They grow up so fast and soon they are gone.

18. Go out to dinner -a sit down dinner. Sometimes you just need to be waited on and not have to take care of everyone. Dress up. Put some makeup on. Wear heels. Feel good being a woman. Invite another single mom or friend. She probably needs a night out too.

19. Go bowling. When I'm upset it feels so good to get a strike. Knocking those pins down -it feels so good.

20. Eat dessert. Life's too short to not enjoy the little things. Life should be sweet no matter what.

21. Watch a sunset...It's free...It's relaxing and it always makes me feel grateful. Don't ever take sunsets for granted. God's showcase happens everyday...He paints the sky so beautifully. Thank Him for what He has given you.

22. Dance in your kitchen...I do this sometimes. I may look like a fool...but I feel good. :)

23. Go to the gym or do some form of exercise. I feel so amazing after a sweaty workout. Those endorphins are amazing. I feel sexy, beautiful and alive. Best therapy ever!!!

24. Look back at how far you have come. Pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself in the mirror that you are strong, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, gifted, a problem solver, a talented woman...etc. Don't wait for a compliment to come. You are worth being loved now. You are gorgeous, Darling.

25. Go to a beautiful place...A cozy café, a restaurant with pretty lighting, a lovely store...Any place that makes you feel special and inspired. I have a favorite jazz place where I like to go. The atmosphere is charming, the lighting, the music, the food...Great place. :)

Written by Jenny Williams, A Modern Day Ruth  Copyright 2013

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