Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Piece Of Me

Sometimes pieces of us begin to fade away....a little at a time. It's subtle at first, because we have compromised ourselves in a small area. We willingly give up just a bit of who we really are, and leave behind a part of ourselves just to continue to make that someone else happy, but soon we keep grasping for more of ourselves to give, because the one we love is never satisfied. Until finally one day, we wake up and realize we don't even see ourselves in their eyes anymore. Our heart is numb and we feel lost as we eerily stare into the mirror of our wounded soul. The curtain of illusion is lifted off of our blinded eyes, and we finally see that we have been left alone -and the one we thought we loved so much, the one we poured our all into, is gone. There's nothing left but shattered pieces. We are now tired and spent and left only with echoes of yesterdays, and no real sounds of love we desperately long to hear. ~ A Modern Day Ruth Written by Jenny Williams Copyright 2013

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  1. This is exactly how I felt -- that I had given myself away -- all of me only to realize that he never wanted any of me anyway. I'm slowly finding myself again and learning to love myself through God's eyes -- the only eyes that truely matter. Thank you for your continued encouraging words and for sharing your path which is exactly like mine. I pray you find your Boaz just as I know God has one (grooming in the wings) for myself as well. May He bless you richly.