Monday, October 7, 2013

I Feel So Beautiful When:

I feel beautiful when...
(I found it !!!! A writing of mine from a while back. This makes me smile... I'm still this woman but only better...Poppa God is so good ! )
I feel Beautiful When:
I'm lost in worship and everything else fades away.
I sing in the Spirit private love songs to God.
I am walking barefoot on the seashore, the waves lapping at my ankles.
I see a sunset. My heart sings even if my lips don't move.
I hold a baby to my chest and kiss her chubby cheeks.
I am painting on a canvas.
I laugh loudly and freely.
I am in a silly and quirky mood.
I wear my favorite perfume.
I listen to jazz or Frank Sinatra.
I twirl around when snow is falling.
I preach with boldness and authority.
I wear high heels.
I smile at a stranger and I know it brightened their day.
I am touched deeply and a tear slips down my face.
I hear my Daddy say he loves me.
I receive red roses. Oh, I love them.
I walk in the cool of the night and smell the fragrances in the air.
I know for certain that I've made a difference in someone's life.
I have a scripture that leaps within me and it's alive. Wow.
I sit at a beautiful place and the lighting is just right.
I am engaged in a warm and stimulating conversation.
I have found another treasure -a good piece of wisdom to hold.
I hear Poppa God whisper "Baby girl" to me.
I am kissed on the forehead.
I know I am glowing from the inside out.
I am complimented about my heart.
I finished a workout at the gym. I did it.
I have my feet up on the dash of a truck listening to country tunes.
I know I am a Daughter of the MOST HIGH. His presence makes me feel so beautiful.
Written By Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives Copyright 2012 All rights reserved.
Ruby Wives and A Modern Day Ruth
— with Jenny Williams.

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