Monday, September 9, 2013

Wisdom I Have Gleaned As A Ruth

Wisdom I have gleaned from being a "Ruth":

-This season came because God is preparing me for greatness.

-Embracing the process of letting God transform my heart and my thinking is vital.

-There is purpose even in the midst of pain and suffering.

-Faithfulness and loyalty are my friends. I must cling to the faith that I know and trust my Heavenly Father.

-As I walk the road of the unknown, there are treasures to discover: His wisdom. His blessings. His truth. I must look for them.

-This season is temporary, but the reward is eternal.

-I must keep my eyes and focus on the Lord and not man. Man has disappointed me but God never has.

-I must be truthful with myself and analyze and acknowledge my foolish mistakes, then glean the wisdom from them.

-I broke the cycle of settling for less than God's best. I've set my standards high. I desire a king not a pauper.

-He is making and moulding my heart to be of a Queen for the King He is preparing for me.

-My assignment is to help encourage and comfort others while I'm in the field. He heals me as I help heal others. My tears are not in vain.

-He is giving me strength from Glory to Glory. Every moment He is with me.

-Faithfulness is mandatory. He expects my best.

-He is making me beautiful in this process. He is taking these ashes and turning them into something beautiful for a display of the splendor of the Lord. There is beauty out of my brokenness.

-He is the provider for me and my children. He is a husband to me and a Father to my children. Though man has forsaken me- GOD DOES NOT.

-The Holy Spirit is the lover of my soul. He is my song's delight. My worship time is precious...I am His and He is mine. His banner over me is LOVE. No one can take away my love song except me- when I do not open my mouth.

-God has promised me a "Boaz" but my focus is not on trying to find him. He will one day notice me from across the field. I focus on my assignment. I focus on my growth and refinement. I focus on His heart's desire. Love will come when it's time.

-The character traits of Ruth are: Loyalty, faithfulness, a servant's heart, a woman of courage and strength. She was compassionate and helped others. I desire and strive to have these qualities.

-Some days are so difficult. Life is hard. There are many tears. I live moment to moment with Him, leaning on Him to carry me through this season.

-How I handle this season will determine how long it will be and the outcome of it. My destiny is linked to my responses and willingness to yield to God's perfect plan. My legacy is attached to this season.

-I recognize that I can't do this alone. He is my strength and my portion.

-I sow into others encouragement, words of healing, and comfort. My love and compassion for others keeps me going. My dreams are connected with their dreams. I live to encourage others in their destinies. When I focus on comforting others, I myself am comforted.

-Those who sow in tears....will reap songs of Joy.

Written by Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives  Copyright 2013

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