Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life Should Be The Big Box Of Crayons

Yesterday was one of the worst days as a single mom. (Just being real). I was searching through the aisles at Walmart, trying to find the items for my 3 daughters' school supplies. The list was too long, and there wasn't enough money....not by half. I was surrounded by so many other last minute shoppers and thinking to myself,  "How I wish I could have their life instead of mine." Over the frustration and mounting stress, I started to have an emotional meltdown. My Teenage daughter desired a curling iron, and I simply couldn't buy it. For some reason I could not find the college ruled paper which was on the list. My heart and mind were beyond the limit of what I could take. I found myself slightly hidden away in the back of the store and persistent tears started to fall. I just couldn't take one more moment of not being able to provide what my baby girls needed and especially what they desired. They rarely complain, and they go without all the time. My heart ached that I couldn't buy them the clothes they need. Life feels so exhausting as a single mom. I work so hard, but it feels like I never get ahead. I felt so alone, so hurt, so ignored, so much a failure, and then I saw this huge box of Crayola crayons...120 count. I love the big boxes. I always did as a child. It was $6.70 for it. I stopped and stared at that box. I thought to myself, "This is how life should be -the whole big box."  Every beautiful color, every opportunity, every beautiful  picture you could draw. Oh, I wish. I seriously contemplated putting something else back so I could buy those crayons, but I knew it would be impractical and that there were other needs. Everything in me wanted to purchase that box, but I walked away telling myself that someday I will have many....many crayons. "God, Please help me. You said you would be my husband. You said you would be a father to my children. Please help me to Renew my hope when it seems to fade. Give me strength for another day. Help me to believe life will get better. Send us love. The kind that lets us know that we will never have to be afraid of being abandoned or hurt again. Wipe our tears of disappointment. Please help all the "Ruths" who are struggling and working in the field. Bless them and keep them and cause your face to shine upon them and please be gracious to them....To all of us Ruths." Amen written by Jenny Williams, A Modern Day Ruth  Copyright 2013

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