Monday, January 13, 2014

Warning Signs You Are Involved With Someone Dangerous

Warning signs you are falling for a "Bad Boy" Man.

 *He gives you an emotional high, but he doesn't sustain a real relationship with you.
* He hides personal information. He won't share his passwords for his phone, email, etc.
* He talks about and compares you to his past girlfriends/wives.
* He doesn't respect your body. He won't wait until marriage to sleep with you.
* He disappears for hours, days, or weeks at a time. He makes up excuses why you couldn't reach him or he was unable to contact you.
* He doesn't provide. He may talk of working, but doesn't hold a job long. He will always use a new excuse. You end up paying most of the time or for everything.
*He doesn't mind that you compromise your morals and values to be with him.
* Your relationship has to be hidden and kept a secret from your family, friends and those you respect.
* He makes you feel like it's your fault if you have a fight. He turns his wrongdoings onto you. He manipulates everything in his favor.
* He blames others for past relationship failures and does not acknowledge his mistakes or actions. It's usually a sob story of someone abusing him or using him.
* He changes his stories and breaks his promises. He doesn't follow through most of the time. When he does, it's short lived and then he's right back into the damaging behavior.
* He's a charmer. He knows just what to say to hook you in again. He says the words you want to hear but does not back up his words with actions.
* He will talk with you about spiritual things and God to draw your affection towards him, but he does not live a spiritual or godly lifestyle. He uses scriptures to manipulate you.
* He has to hide his texts, phone numbers, emails to stay in contact with you.
* He has a criminal background and he undermines his mistakes or says he didn't do it.
* He angers easily over small things and gets erratic when confronted with truth.
* He enjoys violence and is proud of beating his peers up.
* He gives a reason why he can't leave the other girlfriend. Run.
* He harbors addictions: Smoking, alcohol, porn, etc. He has an excuse why he won't give them up.
* He has no problem with sleeping around outside of marriage. He'll have an affair, a drinking/drug binge, etc., and have no remorse later.
* He relies on you or has other women take care of him. It should be the other way around.
* He moves a lot. He crashes or stays with friends or other women until he's outlived his welcome.
* He makes you feel bad about yourself. Your appearance, your strengths, your weaknesses... he makes you feel not good enough.
* He dishonors and disrespects people in authority, your parents or people you look up to.
* He is overly jealous if another man looks in your direction or speaks with you.
* He is constantly suspicious of you having an affair or possibly cheating on him.
* He doesn't have goals or dreams that he strives to achieve.
* He uses depression/suicide attempts as control or manipulation to get you to stay in the relationship.
* He has you hang onto "what we used to be" -those happy up in the clouds feelings, but it never gets that way again, or if it does it's just temporary.
* He leaves you abandoned. He leaves at the drop of a hat. Comes and goes as he pleases and won't give you real answers.
* He asks for your money that you earn. He promises to pay back but doesn't. He steals or uses your account without your consent.
* He has you spending more of your energy pleasing him than he you. 

* You somehow end up supporting his bad habits...buying his cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
* You spend more time in the relationship on your knees crying for him to love you, to change, or to have your happy ever after with him. If you are crying and hurting most of the time- this is NOT love. True love should never hurt this much.

 Written by Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives Copyright 2013 

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