Friday, January 10, 2014

Grocery Aisle

A few evenings ago I was pushing a grocery cart in a discount food store. As I came up the aisle, a nice older gentleman smiled at me. My normal response was to smile back and I continued scanning the area for my items. When we came across each other again the next aisle over, we exchanged smiles once more. I noticed he smelled nice...not because of cologne or aftershave, he just had a nice clean manly smell. At that moment I felt like breaking down in the middle of the aisle and saying, "Please hold me, Sir." Since I'm not crazy or desperate, I didn't act upon my thoughts, but inside I silently sighed and cried just a tiny bit. I was feeling so depleted from having to be strong. My body ached to not feel alone. I just wanted to bury my nose in that kind man's jacket shirt and feel safe. I know it would have been totally ridiculous, and I would never really do that- because I'm a lady. It didn't help that my nose was being super bionic...every aisle I shopped this distinguished man's natural scent hauntingly wafted over to me. He also seemed to needlessly cross my path in every aisle...along with his friendly grin. Oh, that silly nose...Written By Jenny Williams, A Modern Day Ruth  Copyright 2014

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  1. Oh my goodness...isn't it silly how that happens? I've been divorced for 15 years, and still when I smell a certain men's cologne like he used to wear, I feel that way.