Monday, December 30, 2013

She Said Yes

She said yes-

To saying goodbye to everything and everyone who had broken her heart.

To forgiveness and not letting bitterness ruin her.

To not looking over her shoulder at memory lane, to not trying to bang down a door that's been purposefully shut, and to not wasting away her life waiting for someone to come back and love her.

To becoming wise, learning from her bad choices and mistakes.

To not letting men use her, abuse her, cheat on her, or treat her with less respect and care than what she deserves.

To letting go of fears and embracing "I can's".

To being herself and loving her smile, her heart, her spirit and her body -to knowing she's loveable.

To trusting God in all areas of her life.

To having huge and crazy dreams and not letting anyone talk her out of them.

To loving herself, taking care of her body, her mind, and soul.

To not letting the ashes, burnt up dreams, heartaches and disappointments destroy her or keep her from her God given destiny.

To smiling, laughing, being silly, having fun, being creative and letting each moment count.

To letting him know she can live without him, that her worth never is based on his perception of who she is.

To kissing that fool goodbye for the last time.

To being lovely, sparkly, shiny and vibrant.

To taking her tears and making them useful. She writes, she sings, she creates, and she wipes the tears of others, reminding them that God can heal their hearts too.

To allowing herself to be available to romantic love again but with higher standards. She's a daughter of God, after all.

To walking out and living in her God given purpose and destiny. To be being a Queen for such a time as this. Yes, she can do it.

To wearing the pretty shoes and walking in authority, stomping and crushing the enemies lies beneath her feet!

To dancing and going to high places.

To hanging out with winners, believers, overcomers and achievers; accepting healthy and inspiring people in her life, saying no to people who suck the joy and life out of what God has created to be beautiful and honor Him.

To growing, glowing, giving, sharing, and loving.

To expecting the good and beautiful and expecting blessing and favor to be in her life.

Written by Jenny Williams  Copyright 2013 A Modern Day Ruth

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