Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spontaneous Song

I am giving you the desires of your heart.
You have been faithful to me, My Daughter.
I am faithful to you.
Every wish, every hope that's in your heart, every dream I breathed in you is coming true.
Every wish, every hope, every dream is unfolding for you.
You remained in me and I remain in you.
I will give you everything your heart has desired.
I am pleased with you.
Your time of waiting is over and they are running, they are running to you.
All your dreams are unfolding in front of you.
Everything you ever dreamed in me- I am giving to you.
Taste and see that I am faithful.
You've been faithful to me. Dance and sing, Oh Daughter.
Rejoice with laughter. Your days are sweeter than before.,.

And I receive. Father, I receive.
And  I believe. Every promise, every hope and dream you breathed in me.
And I have remained in you and you have remained in me.
I am yours and you are mine. I taste and see that you are faithful.
Oh, Father of mine. You are faithful to me.

I believe . I receive . I believe.. I receive... You are faithful.
Everything you promised, everything I've wished for.
Every hope...Every dream in my heart that you breathed in me is coming true.
I believe.

~ Jenny Williams, A Modern Day Ruth, Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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