Monday, March 16, 2015

She Became Whole

She laid her heart's desire on the altar. She poured out her tears and disappointments onto His feet.
She let go of her anger, unforgiveness, and bitterness. She lifted her shattered hopes and broken dreams up to Him. She gave her all to Him, and she trusted Him with her broken heart. She found herself rested and whole when she laid her rejected and abandoned self at the place of her safe haven. She was blind, but now she can see. She sees His love for much more than... any human heart could give her. She saw her value and great worth in His eyes. such love...Great Love! She knew He died for her so that she may in His glorious light. He gently touched her bruised and battered self esteem. He washed with His own tears the shards of glass...the unkind words that others had spoken against her. He washed them away. His words of love penetrated her soul, and she became whole. He held her quietly as she cried each tear of sorrow and pain. He stood with her in the lake of her tears, and he held her and kept her safe. His gaze caught her focus, and she found herself immersed in His love. He clothed her nakedness with His garment of grace. It warmed her soul. All her wretchedness was diminished in the great light of His love. She looked down and He pointed to the lake of tears she had cried: "Look..."He said, "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" She saw her reflection on the water, and to her surprise, there was no trace of her torn, bloodied, and worn out garments. Her pain had become a great strength. Her ashes had become His beauty. Her darkness had become His illuminating light. she saw herself as He saw her. She smiled, and leaned in close to His chest. She knew everything was going to be alright. Her heart was home. ~ Jenny Williams, A Modern Day Ruth, Copyright 2015

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