Thursday, January 1, 2015

Will He See Me?

At the foot of my bed I knelt and cried, pouring out my sincerest plea...tears running down my face. I could imagine how Ruth felt in her heart and mind -the desperation, fear, questions, and longing as she vulnerably laid herself at Boaz's feet. Her heart was wildly pounding...would he accept her? Would he be willing to love her...this lowly woman with no money, no inheritance but instead a debt of her dead husband's? Would Boaz take her and Naomi in and embrace them? She wasn't even a Hebrew woman, yet she willingly reached out to him and placed herself humbly at his feet. I can imagine tears silently fell. Maybe thoughts raced in her mind: "What will we do if he rejects me?" That's how I feel much of the time: Will I be loved enough by a man who would willingly take me and my kids in and cover us? Love on us? Every man I've ever known before has hurt and disappointed us. Will it be different this time? What if this man can only see my weakness, my pain, my flaws? Can he see past my tired eyes and weak smile? Can he peer over my walls and see to my heart? Being A Modern Day Ruth has been so hard, so humbling, so lonely, so wearisome. Can he see my heart of loyalty and faithfulness to Poppa God? Can he see me as a treasure sent by God...instead of a burden? Boaz was delighted and even felt honored that Ruth laid at his feet. He publicly honored her and celebrated her. ~ A Modern Day Ruth, Jenny Williams 2014

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