Thursday, January 1, 2015

Boaz, I Prayed for You Tonight

Dear Future Boaz...Tonight, I talked to Poppa God about you.
I heard Him say that you are coming to me soon, but that you were struggling with unworthiness and fears. That you needed to be free from some things. My heart felt saddened at this, because I couldn't even imagine you being unworthy especially if Poppa chose you to be in my life, but I understand even if maybe we have never met...I totally understand. I interceded for you, tonight...that whatever it is you can't seem to let go of, that Poppa God would give you the courage and strength. I prayed for a glance...that somehow my life would inspire you and encourage you to be a godly man, sold out for the Lord. I pray your heart is encouraged tonight...that you feel hope, peace and love in your heart. I pray Poppa God fills you with confidence and that you can see yourself as He does. I pray our hearts are somehow connected even before we have begun as friends or anything else. Just know you have a friend tonight and she is continually praying for you. I pray you look up soon and find me in your field. ~Love always in Christ, Jenny -A Modern Day Ruth

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