Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prophetic Word For My Sister

You are beautiful...Your beauty is emerging in a deeper and more intimate level with Poppa God. You will carry a garden of His fragrance for others to savor and smell. You will walk in greatness like never before and go to greater heights. Your steps will be confident. You will know your royal authority and use it well. Your ministry will prosper and bring forth much fruit in due season. He will honor you with a new position and new shoes to wear. New dreams will be birthed out of you that you never could imagine could from you. Your obedience in difficult season will be honored by the King who loves you and has called you for such a time as this. marriages and Ministries will be impacted in ways you know not. You may have been feeling hidden for much of the time but you will bust out like a butterfly and soar. The enemy's plans and lies spoken over you will be snuffed out....because your confidence will be found in Christ alone and His word. Don't limit yourself...But believe. Greater things are yet to come. Prophetic word (9/9/2014) Love, jenny Williams Copyright 2014