Sunday, September 28, 2014

From Moment to Moment

From moment to moment, I am receiving Your divine wisdom. I am applying Your Word and strength to my life. I am ever-changing and being transformed by Your presence and Glory. I take notice of every treasure You have laid out for me to use. I am mindful of my time, that each moment is Your gift for me to give, bless and produce for Your Kingdom and purpose. I am always gleaning and harvesting Your fruit in my life. I am always planting seeds of Your love, Your Word, and Your goodness wherever I go. Grace is becoming my character. Your wisdom I wear like a royal gown that touches entire places where I have stepped. I walk with integrity and humility wherever I go. I know that my anointing, strength, and beauty come from You. I am fervently speaking words of life and healing. I am moved by Your compassion. I am guided by Your Holy Spirit who is my daily love song. Your fragrance is known to others by my attitude, and it touches everyone that contacts me. You are quick to let me know when I should be silent, and You tell me when to speak. I do not run away from courage and strength, but I embrace it each and every day. You are making me beautiful moment by moment, from glory to glory. Your sweet presence is continually blossoming in me like costly, exquisite flowers. Your sweet fragrance in me does not fade. You are the glory and lifter of my head. I am purposefully walking out every divine plan You have for me. I am a woman of substance, power, and grace. I will never forget that I am an ambassador and a Daughter of The King of kings. In Jesus' name. Amen Written by Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives Copyright 2014

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