Saturday, May 17, 2014

Phases of Healing and Redemption

What phase are you in on this journey of being A Modern Day Ruth?

-I'm in shock over the loss of the love of my life, either by death or abandonment .

-I am severely heart broken and crushed in spirit. I eat and sleep my tears.

-I am having a hard time letting go and keep wishing I could go back to what was before.

-Bravely but a bit scared, I'm moving forward on the trail of tears. Everything is hard. I have no idea where I'm going, but I am blindly trusting God to take me to where I need to be in this process.

-I'm struggling with shame and loneliness. I see the stares and hear the whispers. People just don't understand my journey.

-I keep looking back, but I'm learning there's nothing for me that's behind me.

-My everyday struggles are many, but I keep going. I'm getting stronger. I had no idea how strong I would have to be. God, please help me. It's so hard!

-I've used my pain to comfort others who are walking the same journey. I encourage them and pray for them when I can. I realize I am not alone....So many Ruths and Naomis of this world.

-I realized I have a destiny on the near horizon. All things become new. New dreams, new vision, new purpose. Something new is growing in me. I have a promise.

-I discovered I don't have my worth in a man, but in God. He tells me I'm His priceless treasure. I am comfortable being satisfied by God alone. I don't need a man to make me happy, but I would be blessed and honored to have someone in my life when it's the right time.

-I no longer feel heartbroken. The memory of the pain is still there, the scars are there, but the sting of it is long gone. I'm Feeling so grateful.

-I have made room in my heart for the possibility of love again.

-I am gathering the life lessons and wisdom from the mistakes I've made. I choose to no longer repeat them. I have gained great wisdom. I have been honest with myself and chosen to make the necessary changes. I see growth in my life and in my faith.

-My heart is aching for companionship again and I am steadily letting God prepare my heart to love somebody. My standards are higher and I have an expectation for God's very best for me. I won't settle for less than what is God's divine plan for me.

-I'm in the field working and honoring God even in difficult circumstances. I don't know when my "Boaz" moment will come but I have a good attitude and I'm ready for God's perfect plan to unfold. I keep going.

-I have received what God promised! I am seeing the beauty from my ashes. I am amazed at what He has done for me.

-I met my Boaz. Life is sweeter than the days before. I am grateful for my testimony. God brought someone into my life that has blessed me, protected me, covered me. I love giving him my heart and striving to be a blessing to him every day of his life. We are together building a lasting legacy of faith and love.

-Some of these stages will happen at the same time. Some of you will experience them more than once. Remember that crying tears is part of the healing process. It does not mean you are going backwards.
What phase are you in on your journey? Let us know....

Written by Jenny Williams, A Modern Day Ruth Copyright 2014


  1. Jenny,
    You have written the very evidence of where I am right this moment.
    Sometimes,I almost give up. Most times, I hold on.
    Only someone experiencing the very same as I, can share this truth so transparently and identically to my hearts cry.

    Thank You ..

  2. -Jenny,
    <> It has been a year and a half that my divorce has been final. There is so much learning and growing in my life and I am embracing it all! God is there through it all! God is clearly having me learn lessons from my mistakes and I am looking forward to the day, soon when my Boaz will be revealed to me. Thank you for this encouragement.

  3. You are welcome. Praying for you ❤️ The Lord will bring you into s season of joy again.