Sunday, April 6, 2014

Heart of a Queen

Dear Poppa God, I pray for a heart of nobility like Queen Esther, who knew her purpose, the hour she lived in, and how to touch the heart of a King. I pray to be like Abigail, who understood how to show respect and build a man's confidence up with her words and actions. She was wise. I pray to be like Deborah, who knew how to dance and praise you even in the midst of difficult circumstances. I desire to be like Rachel, who had a servant's heart. I long to be like the Shulamite woman, who was a great lover and the "favorite" of the King. I desire character and perseverance like Hannah, who pursued what she longed for and did not give up. I want to be like Ruth, who was faithful and loyal and considered a noble woman who captivated the heart of a kinsmen redeemer and received blessings. I want to be found highly favored like Mary, whose calling impacted the entire world. Make me and mold me to be a woman after your heart Oh, God...a woman of virtue, wisdom, and grace; a woman who walks in her destiny and purpose, a woman who is remembered long after I am gone -that I leave a lasting legacy. In Jesus' name, Amen  ~ Love, Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives Copyright 2012, 2013

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