Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Don't

I Don't:

I don't date bad boys because they just bring bad into my life.

I don't do drama or associate with people who love it. I focus on positives, not negatives.

I don't do gossip. I can't stand it -and if you do it in my presence, I will not endorse it, and I certainly won't trust you. 
I don't do liars. If you are deceptive, I most likely won't give you a second glance. Be truthful always with me. 

I don't take back a man who cheats on me. I used to, but I got off that merry-go-round. It's not a fun ride.

I don't do providing for a man. I'm not meant to bring home the bacon and cook it for you. I don't date guys who refuse to work.

I don't do stalkers. If you text 25 times in a day just because I haven't answered back, you need serious help.
I don't do cray cray (Crazy). A man must have a sound mind.

I don't do missionary dating. I won't be unequally yoked. You must already be saved. I'm not your savior.

I don't go out with a man who does not treat me like a lady. I won't teach you how to be a gentleman, you should already know how.

I don't take on the task of changing a man. Your Momma had that job. She raised you.

I don't take abuse from a man -not even a lifted hand in a moment of anger. One time and I'm out the door forever.

I don't date men who have addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or pornography. I won't judge you if you have had these addictions, but you have to be completely delivered and redeemed from them. I don't date chains of bondage.

I don't allow a man to defile me, dishonor me or sexually assault me. I am a Bride of Christ and I expect a man to treat me as such. 

I don't do men who live like paupers...(I'm not talking finances). I mean that you don't walk in the fullness and authority of Jesus Christ as joint heirs...You must be a son of the most High God...Walk and live as an ambassador of the King of Kings. I have a queen's heart and I want a man who treats me like one.

I don't do men who harm children or animals, or who are unkind to people who serve. How do you treat your waiter at a restaurant? This shows your true colors.

I don't respect men who can't respect and honor authority: parents, pastors, leaders, bosses, etc.

I don't do men who can't love my kids. They are my precious cargo. We are blessings not burdens.

I don't invest my heart into yours if you don't treat me as a valuable treasure.

I don't build dreams with a man who has no dream, no goal, no vision....I can't follow you otherwise.

I don't do men who are prideful and arrogant, because you will fall -a lot. A humble man is a good man.

I don't do men who are not sold out to God. You should be living a life surrendered to Christ every day. You read the Bible, Pray with me and for me...You attend church regularly and you pay tithes and offerings. You honor your parents so it goes well with you all your days.
Written by Jenny Williams Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.  A Modern Day Ruth

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  1. this is SO me now!

    I am sharing this! Well written!